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What Is Title Insurance, and Do I Really Need It?

One of the most important things when dealing with property is to insure against claims, losses or other title defects. The way to do this is with a good title insurance policy. It is imperative that the property involved is free from any claims, restrictions or other features that will cloud the property ownership. Title insurance stresses risk prevention, which is especially important for someone purchasing a property for the first time.

Buying real estate is the single largest investment most people will ever make. Many people who are buying property for the first time are unaware of problems that may exist in obtaining a clear title. This means a title that has no hidden claim against it or that may not actually be owned by the seller. A good title insurance policy will eliminate this kind of risk. Regardless of your position in the transaction, there is no doubt that this venture must be protected against any unforeseen obstruction. We can help with title insurance in Boston and the surrounding area; we’ve got years of experience dealing with precisely that.

Title insurance came into existence in March of 1876, when it was found that property being sold was not free of liens or other obstructions that did not allow a clear title. Currently, title insurance companies are regulated by state governments who set the rates. These premium rates include specific services such as searching and examining the title, resolving any title defects and making sure the property is free and clear.

In today’s climate of technological transactions, hackers are an ever-present threat. This includes property documentation as well as bank account thievery and identification theft. Title insurance policies will protect against any errors or faults in the property’s title. These can include things such as liens, forged documents, owner impersonations and other things that can cause a great deal of trouble later on, even to the point of losing this valuable investment.

Our company is known for its efficient operation in making sure that property purchases are transacted with a clear title. Title insurance policies insure against any losses that may be due to past events. This involves complete examination of all property records and other documents to provide a free and clear title to the property involved. As with any other type of insurance policy, they cover all costs for necessary action to assure a clear title.

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