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Builders and remodelers interested in condominiums for a multiple-unit property have lots of hurdles to jump, and OneBoston Title & Closing Services (OBTCS), P.C. can help. With our experience in the condominium conversion process, we have the knowledge to help make your project succeed. The title of sole ownership must be adapted into one that will account for several separate units. We handle this intensive process so a buyer can forego the detailed and binding paperwork.

We are adept at managing the reworking of a property title so it accounts for the multiple owners, and the variety of new regulations that intertwine with a multiunit structure on a single property. With the aid of our experienced team, we can convert a large property title into one that accounts for any normal feature of a condominium (such as a homeowners’ assocation, for example).

Our experience in exceeding the required condominium conversion demands includes:

  • Drafting a Declaration of Trust
  • Drafting a master deed for the new single condominium complex
  • Drafting a set of rules
  • Creating bylaws that all residents must comply with
  • Drafting individual unit deeds for future residents
  • Assisting the Condo Association with collecting monthly payments
  • …And more. This is only a portion of the lengthy list of tasks for a full conversion.

If a sale is involved after a successful conversion, we are also able to provide services for that process. As a full-service provider, we have the resources and experience to meet your buyer or seller needs.
Use our new technology which allows you to get real-time file status updates on transactions. These are available all day, every day, on any modern device with full internet capabilities.

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