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Escrow and Closing Cost Services

In Boston, closing a house is the best part of buying a new home. It means a deal’s been struck and a house title is about to pass hands. However, it may be surprising that a house costs more than just a down payment.

There are closing costs that go along with the transaction and working with professionals can ensure that the money passes hands without any fraud and all costs are paid successfully in Boston.

These closing cost fees originate from a couple of places in a real estate deal. They can include:

  • Real estate broker commission or fees
  • Loan fees
  • Items required by lender
  • Escrow
  • Title and closing charges
  • Government filing fees
  • Other miscellaneous fees

Getting a deal closed quickly means moving into the property quicker and less time in escrow limbo. The professionals at OneBoston Title are able to manage your closing costs and get the deal done quickly and efficiently.

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