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Seller Services

OneBoston Title & Closing Services, P.C., we understand how complicated and frustrating it can be to conduct a seamless real estate transaction. This is why we are dedicated to making the whole process as easy for sellers as possible. Our job is to streamline the title conveyance process for the seller.We assist sellers with these services:

  • We advise the client on whether or not they should employ a real estate broker to assist with the sale of the property.
  • We examine the property’s title and assist in the resolution of any issues precluding the title’s marketability.We confirm that the seller has a marketable title reasonably free of encumbrances, restrictive covenants, name discrepancies, and all of the other features that void a title’s marketability.
  • We help the client understand the relevant details of the buyer’s lender agreement, and explain any other details of the process that the client needs clarification on.
  • We resolve any issues that might arise during any part of the sale or closing.
  • We prepare the property’s deed.
  • We coordinate the closing, and assist the client through representation.
  • We explain all details of the closing documents to the client.

Throughout the entire process, we coordinate with the seller, buyer and lender to ensure that every detail of the transaction is carried out in accordance with the input of all three parties. Once all of these details are worked out, we schedule a time and location for the official closing to occur.

We look forward to not only working with you but to your satisfaction!

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