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Please complete and return this form promptly in the self-addressed, stamped envelope or you may fax or e-mail it to us at: 781-986-1127 or closing@onebostontitle.com.

1. Name and telephone numbers for:                    Your Real Estate Agent/Attorney_______________________
Phone____________________________________ Email:___________________________________________________________________________
Buyer’s Real Estate Agent/Attorney_______________________________________________________
Phone___________________________________________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________________________________________

2. Your Social Security Number(s): _______________________________________________________

3. The deed will be prepared by: ______ OBTCS (average cost $150.00 to $250.00)

Your marital status: Married_______ Unmarried_______

If married, spouse’s name for homestead purposes:____________________________________________

Is the property you are selling your primary residence? Y / N (circle one)

Please note—If your attorney prepares the deed, we will need a copy at least 72 hours PRIOR to closing.

4. Copies of the last paid property tax bills.

5. Telephone numbers where you may be reached:
E-mail: ______________________________________
6. Your forwarding address:______________________________________________________________

7. Your current mortgage information:
Name and address of lending institutions:
1st Mortgage:                                          2nd Mortgage:
Phone#_________________________ Phone#_________________________________
Acct. #__________________________ Acct. #_________________________________

Equity Line/2nd Mortgage: Any other mortgages or liens (i.e. private mortgages)
Acct. #________________________________________________________________

There will be a discharge/wire processing fee of $175.00 per lien payoff. This fee covers wire/courier and follow-up on the release of the lien(s).

8. If the subject property is a Condominium, please note we will need a copy of the Master Insurance Policy and a Condo Fee Statement from the Association prior to closing.

Condo Association Contact:________________________Phone:____________________________

The undersigned authorizes OneBoston Title & Closing Services, P.C. to receive any payoff information with regard to my/our loan(s).

SELLER:                                                                                                                                     Date:


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