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OneBoston Title & Closing Services (OBTCS), P.C. can assist with the condo conversion process by handling the tricky details of reshaping a sole ownership title into one that can account for several separately owned units. We are responsible for reworking the title of a property so that it can account for split ownership and the many regulations that come with a property divided into units. With our help, the process of converting the title of a large property into one that accounts for all of the standard features of a condominium, such as a homeowners’ association, will be a far simpler one. We are also experienced in dealing with many of the requirements that must be met in condominium conversions:

  • We assist with the drafting of the rules, regulations, and bylaws by which residents in the complex must abide.
  • We assist with the drafting of a Declaration of Trust
  • We ensure that master deed floor plans are properly registered.
  • We are able to draft a master deed for the new condominium complex.
  • We are able to prepare deeds for the individual units.
  • We assist Condo Association with collection of monthly condo payments.

Furthermore, if you are looking to sell the condos during or after a conversion is complete, we are here to help with that process as well.

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