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OneBoston Title & Closing Services (OBTCS), P.C. is committed to identifying and eliminating the risks within the titleprocess so lenders can feel secure with their mortgage investments. We help lenders by facilitating every step of a mortgage-based transaction. This process encompasses all of the expected guarantees (valid lien, title guarantee and insurance) as well as a firm commitment to coordinating a smooth transaction between all three parties. To that end, we offer the following lender services:

  • We examine the title, identify any inherent risks, and eliminate these risks so that lenders can feel secure in their mortgage investments.
  • We are experienced in both residential and commercial real estate conveyance.
  • We can provide support for evictions.
  • We assist with every phase of Real Estate Owned (REO) Transactions.
  • We assist with the coordination of refinancing agreements.

We represent lenders at both residential and commercial closings.From the initial title examination to the final closing statements, OBTCS is there to assist lenders with all aspects of their real estate transactions.

Our latest technology allows you to view and check real-time file status of all your transactions online conveniently in one location 24-7, 365 days a week on your desktop or Android and iOS smartphones and tablet devices on your transactions. When you log on to our secure website address (OneBostonLive.com) you will be able to:

  • Receive updates when activity happens on your order directly in your Inbox
  • View or download Preliminary HUD fees within 24 hours of request
  • View or download Full ALTA Title Commitment, Closing Protection Letter, Tax Certificate, HUD, and Mortgage Plot Plan info within 48-72 hours of request
  • Access specific transactions from an easy to navigate list
  • View or download Full ALTA Lender’s Title and Owner’s Insurance Policies and all other documents relating to your order


In order to provide the utmost convenience for lenders, we provide the service of ordering a title for our clients online. Throughout the title examinations, we are able to resolve all issues that might preclude a title’s marketability. We eliminate all inherent risks within a title so that our clients can feel secure in their mortgage investments. To begin this process, fill out the Title order form here.

Please use the rom to the right to order a title. You can also print out the pdf version of this form and fax it to us at 781-986-1127.

We look forward to not only working with you but to your satisfaction.

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