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The Importance of Receiving Clear Title in Real Estate

Title Exam For Secure Home Sales

Title examination is the most important verification in real estate sales. As the negotiation progresses, several processes must occur. Bank funding has to be established and the house must be inspected to for quality and value. All of this can be brought to a total stop if the title cannot be legally cleared. The negotiation moves slower than most deals because a land and house purchase is such a serious undertaking. There are legal implications tied to a dirty title.

The title examination process follows a check of public records. Although, anyone can check these records, it takes experience and a strict eye to discover legal obstructions in the deal. There are also a huge number of reasons why a title could break a deal. Not all of them can be discovered from public records and not all public records are correct.

The legal dangers of a title present themselves in a couple of ways. Ownership can be obfuscated by liquidation bankruptcy, liens on the property by a mechanic or bank, or missing heirs from a lost will. These aren’t things you should have to worry about while securing funding for the home and inspecting the home.

The legal team at OneBoston Title will provide several buyer services that provide complete protection for the new home. The first service is searching through public records to discover if any obvious legal problems inhibit the sale. This is a wide net that will cast most issues and the professionals have a long history of clearing titles.

Another service is negotiation past the legal issues. Many title problems can be worked out through legal action. If a title is deemed unmarketable, title legal professionals can negotiate the logistics to return the property back onto the market.

The final service is a title insurance which will return the cost of any damages from hidden legal problems. This is a common insurance on most homes and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States real estate market. Through each of these three services, it is possible to guarantee safety from excessive legal damages.

Receiving a clear title is make or break for a real estate deal and having the right team on your side makes sure you truly own the house of your dreams. It is a universal truth that deals occasionally go sour or paperwork can be lost. OneBoston Title protects buyers from hidden legal problems and false acquisitions. A great real estate title examination in Boston will provide a lifetime home without the legal worries.

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