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In real estate, the deal is never done until the client has the keys. To make the process run smooth and delay-free, a potential property owner should always enlist the services of an attorney that specializes in the field. These attorneys can help the client to foresee issues that may hold up the process and determine how best to alleviate those problems. This is especially true for the title process.

This process can provide the best chance for problems that stall the buying process. This is even true when the potential buyer is in the actual closing meeting and all points before closing in the real estate process. However, most problems are preventable, and can be greatly reduced by simply meeting with your real estate attorney to plot a course for the entire process.

The title process is when many different channels finally diverge into one common goal. Because of so many moving parts, such complex laws and so many potential snags, the most important thing for the buyer is clarity.

Today, technology rules most sectors of business, and in the real estate process, technology greatly improves the process by allowing people that are in the title process to track the progress of the proceedings. Take our OneBoston Live portal for example. This allows our clients to receive real time updates on every step of their title processes, taking the anxiety out of a process that can be inundated with a lack of clear information. OneBoston Live provides clarity where previously there may not have been any.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments most people will ever make, and the delivery of relevant information can make the process not just less confusing, but less stressful as well. Give us a call if you would like more information on this portal.

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